April 20, 2004

UrbanBabyWatch: Diapers

Wherein Daddy Types reads UrbanBaby's message boards, so you don't have to.


Bitter UB Mom: "My husband lives at work. Sometimes i think he would rather be there. He's changed the kid's diapers maybe 4-5 times. She's 10mos now! He actually wants to have another one soon without even helping me when he's home. What a jerk!!!"

Poo-stained UB Mom: "Why does no diaper contain my son's poop?"
UB Vet: "First, definitely go up a size!
Second, make sure you stretch out the gatherings at the legs and pull them so they stick outside the diaper.
Third, I found Huggies Overnights helpful for containing night-time leaks."
UB Parrot: "Make sure the 'ruffles' around the legs are on the outside. Guaranteed to have a blow-out if you tuck them in!"

Haha very funny UB Mom #5: "How to stop baby boy from peeing in my face when I change his diaper? Not that it isn't funny when it is my husband's face of course..."
UB Comedy Chorus: put a "clean cloth diaper," a "little washcloth," or a "thick baby wipe" over his penis while changing ("the kid's or the husband's?")

Pissed off UB Shopper: "I asked him to buy diapers, we're running low. So he orders online...in size 5! the kid is only a size 3. He said, 'He'll grow into them.'" [note: sub-optimal solution, -ed.]

WTF UB Mom: "My metrosexual husband tells baby what designer he's wearing. 'And here we have a Fendi diaper.'"

Glass half full UB Mom: "let him parent his way even if the diaper gets on crooked or things aren't the same way I'd do them"
Glass half empty UB Mom: "Whenever he changes a diaper, it's WRONG! And there's a blow-out, ALL OVER ME OF COURSE!!!!"

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>My husband lives at work. Sometimes i think he
>would rather be there.

he probably would...give us dad's and dads-to-be a break... you're lucky that any of us stick around at all... no man wants to deal with a crapping, puking and screaming brat and the irritable mother that goes along with it..if it wasn't for getting laid on a regular basis, all men would be single

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