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July 13, 2004

Aromatherapy for Kids

John and Helen During, parents of Alastair (8 years) and Andrew (5 years), [and founders of the AromaKids brand of aromatherapy and massage oils for children] feel strongly that the touch of a parent's hand and the sound of their...
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July 8, 2004

SmartKlamp for, excuse me?? Automatic Circumcisions??

WHOA. If you're on the fence about circumcising any boys about to be born in your vicinity, Gizmodo's got a review of a penis clamp that just might make your mind up for you. My wilfully uneducated guess is, the...
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Micro-preemie Resources?

Kids born at the extreme edge of viability--24-26 weeks, or at a little more than 1 lb birthweight--are called "micro-preemies." Personally, I prefer "extreemies," or "X-treemies," which sounds tougher, and tough is what these kids have to be. They basically...
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June 30, 2004

Jew Havin' A Baby?, the makers of the Yo Semite! and Jews for Jeter t-shirts, also offer a few gift ideas for the new dad. You don't need to be Jewish to appreciate them (although for one, you do need to be a...
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June 8, 2004

New Approaches for Treating Indeterminate Gendered Children

On Slate, Claudia Kolker looks at the latest research and thinking about dealing with "intersex" or gender indeterminate children, a condition with multiple possible causes where a newborn's gender is ambiguous. To some degree or another, it affects approximately 1...
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May 13, 2004

Off-gassing and Kids

Not the kind of off-gassing where that tiny baby you just brought home farts like your frat buddies on a ski weekend. No, it's the other kind of off-gassing, the one THAT WILL POISON YOUR CHILDREN IN YOUR NEW HOUSE,...
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April 13, 2004

Baby Blues, Daddy Depression?

The National Health Service in the UK will roll out an anonymous helpline for fathers dealing with Post-Natal Depression (PND); the service has the so-upbeat-it's-disheartening title, "Fathers Matter." Although some psychiatrists--and at least one cranky farmer--dismiss the idea of PND,...
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April 6, 2004

No TV, and Eat Your Vegetables

Research out yesterday reveals that: excessive TV viewing before a kid is 3 years old contributes to ADD, and the tastes a kid is exposed to in the first 3-5 months (as well as the last couple of months of...
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March 9, 2004

Doctor's Orders: Buy This Book

You want to see how quickly you can get your pediatrician to roll his eyes? Just begin a sentence with, "I read on the Internet that..." If you're going to be researching questions about your children's health online, make sure...
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