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August 25, 2004

Two Movies I Don't Have to Review Now

Lowculture does a side-by-side assessment of the date movie potential of Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 and Vincent Gallo's Brown Bunny. Not safe to read aloud at work, but no more offensive than someone actually contemplating seeing either of these films....
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July 29, 2004

New Dad's Movie on Cinemax tonight

On my other site, I posted about Jay Rosenblatt's excellent short film, I Used To Be A Filmmaker, in which he skilfully combines observations of his daughter's first 18 months of life with on-the-set jargon. Check it out. I interviewed...
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June 5, 2004

Reel Moms Real-time Report

An unnervingly prompt report from a Daddy Types reader of this morning's Reel Moms screening of Harry Potter, which, by my calculations, got out less than 30 minutes ago. (Yeah, it could've been composed on a Blackberry during the slow...
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May 22, 2004

David Mamet's advice for parents

From the press junket in March for Spartan, his Secret Service conspiracy movie which no one knew about because we were all too busy discussing The Passion:Do you see your career in any kind of continuum? There's a sense, like...
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May 19, 2004

Fresh from "The Cooler"

As I was Googling "tricked out" and "stroller" [so predictable, you don't need to ask], I found a review of Wayne Kramer's movie, The Cooler which mentions the sharp dialogue. I'd already heard about--I kid you not--Alec Baldwin's excellent performance...
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May 1, 2004

Daddy Types does Reel Moms

Let me explain that. After posting about movies for parents with babies, I decided to try it for myself. Tuesday morning, I went to the Loews Georgetown theaters in DC for Reel Moms [sic]. I'd get all pissed about...
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April 26, 2004

Baby-friendly Movie Theaters

The NY Times reports that mid-day movies where parents can bring their babies are a hit. Almost no matter what the movie is. Pluses: lowered volume, slightly raised lights, changing tables with wipes provided, matinee prices, actually seeing a movie...
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Pregnancy Changes Everything

And if you don't believe that, see Kill Bill vol. 2....
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April 23, 2004

Packing Tip: Take Some Pants

We were out shopping today with the kid, and she had a righteous blowout. The whole outfit and the blanket was knocked out of commission. The diaper bag had only a OnesieĈ in it, no pants, socks, anything; and it...
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April 20, 2004

Punch-Drunk Love

Some UrbanBaby Mom: "Aww, thanks. [UB] is like having lots of sisters." Nice enough, except we'd just watched Punch-Drunk Love again, starring Adam Sandler as a novelty plunger salesman with seven neurotic sisters who buys enough lowfat pudding to earn...
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April 6, 2004

No TV, and Eat Your Vegetables

Research out yesterday reveals that: excessive TV viewing before a kid is 3 years old contributes to ADD, and the tastes a kid is exposed to in the first 3-5 months (as well as the last couple of months of...
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April 4, 2004

Russell Banks has Issues

When my weeks-old daughter completely loses it, and I try to calm her down with the shh's and the bounces and the butchered lyrics, I'm reminded of Ian Holm's character in The Sweet Hereafter. Atom Egoyan's film, which he...
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March 25, 2004

YOW. Calling Social Services! Jersey Girl = Abuse

In the NY Times, Stephen Holden gives Kevin Smith's can-I-be-a-good-dad? "widowed-father-raises-spunky-moppet" movie [can't improve on that acid description] one of the worst reviews I've ever read. If Smith makes another movie this bad, he may end up working at a...
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March 24, 2004

DaddyTypes Posterdad, Kevin Smith

The NY Times' BOLDFACE NAMES hit on director Kevin Smith at a junket for his new movie, Jersey Girl. Ever the gentleman, Smith rebuffed the reporter's advances, confessing he left his heart--in New Jersey:He and his wife, JENNIFER SCHWALBACH, were...
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March 22, 2004

Jersey Girl, The Movie for New Dads

Never mind that we drove like hell through New Jersey so that our kid wouldn't be born two weeks early on the Turnpike. DaddyTypes gives a shoutout to Kevin Smith's upcoming Bennifer vehicle/after-school special, Jersey Girl, before we even see...
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March 18, 2004

C is for Cassavetes

Newborn children's vision progresses through several phases as it develops. For the first few months, anyway, a baby can only focus a couple of feet away. Health experts recommend making a lot of close eye contact and giving the kid...
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March 13, 2004

Chad's Dads

Only three feature films have been made in the impoverished African nation of Chad. Two of them, including Abouna, were made by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun. Abouna, or Our Father, tells the story of two young brothers who think they catch a...
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