June 27, 2004

Other Religious Finger Puppets

Finger puppets? They're not just for Hindus anymore. A beautiful Sunday morning seems like the right time to point out [sic] the finger puppets of other faiths:

  • Nativity Scene finger puppets for six-fingered Christians: "Set of 6 plush Nativity Finger puppets including Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, and three wise men."

  • Seder finger puppets, for four-fingered Jews (like Krusty the Clown, perhaps): "Not only are these adorable finger puppets loads of fun, they are also an aid for learning and remembering the 4 Questions. Each plush puppet has a seder item back-to-back with its year-round equivalent: Matzoh/Bread, Maror Radish/Carrot, Cushioned Chair/Hard Chair, and Karpas/Beet. Designed by artist Yitzy Erps."

  • Convent On A Hand nun finger puppets, set of 10 (technically, a convent on two hands)

  • Mormon finger puppets, for people who pulled all their earthly belongings across the continent in a handcart. In winter. "...Puppets can be fun to make and the children will love using them to tell scripture stories. Leftover fabric scraps...[blah blah blah]... Stitch or glue, then decorate with wiggly eyes, pompoms and other bits of fabric... " (Why am I not surprised?)

  • Great Philosopher finger puppets, for godless secular humanists. Plato, Schopenhauer, Kant, Nietzche. "Theyre magnetic too, so, when youre done [or right before the Apocalypse, whichever comes first, bwahahahaha! -ed.], you can stick them to the fridge!"

  • Axis of Evil finger puppets: "Theyre finger puppets (if only they all were!)" But only two are demonstrably religious... Even in the Axis of Evil II finger puppet set, (it's a different two, though). [True-believer Republicans can take comfort: the outfit selling these things is called the Unemployed Philosophers Guild.]

    And, while they're not finger puppets, these last two--from Puppet Revelation, no less--make me shout hallelujah: Black Billy Bible Puppet (also available in red) and a full-size, "muppet style" Puppet Jesus.

  • Amen.

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