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August 22, 2004

Lab-quality Stainless Steel Crib

Construction Playthings sells educational and childcare equipment to schools, daycare centers, and other institutions as well as to parents. Now, with this awesome--and awesomely tough--stainless steel and plexiglass crib, they're targeting you, if you run a primate testing lab, or...
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August 21, 2004

Pop-up Travel Beds

While my nose has been buried in Japanese diapers, the UK has apparently been overrun by springloaded travel beds that fold up "as small as a dinner plate." Baby Chic 101 (a new blog with enough baby designer links to...
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August 19, 2004

Marshmallow vs. Baby Rack

From the land of Godzilla vs. Mothra, during the week of Alien vs. Predator, here comes another pairing. Japan loves to individually wrap things: $5 peaches, marshmallows, and babies. A while back, I posted about some ruffly infant dentist chair,...
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The Kid's Room is a Tent

A couple living in a SoHo loft decided to put their daughter in a tent instead of in an actual room. The NY Times reports that it is "portable, unbreakable, and won't fall down," all good criteria for a room....
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August 8, 2004

Japanese Hotel Crib

This is the hardwood crib the hotel gave us. It folds up to about 1/3 of the depth, but what I like most about it is the basic, no-frills shape: square rails and spindles, no tole painting (although the...
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July 22, 2004

Adopt the kid, Adopt the decor?

Although you wouldn't know it from reading some websites [*cough, cough*], parenting is much more than buying gear and strollers. It's also decorating. And if you're adopting a kid from a foreign country, it means sprinkling token kitsch objects from...
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July 21, 2004

Antique Cradle from Iowa

We're visiting Grammy right now in Salt Lake City, and it turns out she's got this awesome cradle--for my sister. After I got over my petty sibling jealousy, I heard the story: she bought it in a small town in...
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July 17, 2004

Chinese Bamboo Strollers, Orphanage Gear

Whoa. Meanwhile, on the other end of the technological spectrum from the Xplory and the Bugaboo: strollers and prams made out of bamboo, which are still widely used, it seems, in 2nd tier-and-below Chinese cities. The thumbnail at left is...
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July 14, 2004

Awesome Scrapwood Crib by Piet Hein Eek

One of the original members of Droog Design, which revolutionized Dutch design in the mid-90's, Piet Hein Eek takes an offbeat approach to design problems; he regularly uses--or re-uses, actually-- scrap wood to realize his stripped down archetypal forms. The...
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July 5, 2004

Sweet Arts & Crafts Crib, Bedding

Wow, modernseed is in the zone these days. This solid maple arts & crafts-style crib looks really nice. Simple, clean lines, solid-looking construction. Now just get rid of all the bows and the bumper. Seriously, crib bumpers are designed for...
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Hang-out Baby Lounger, by Oeuf

Modernseed is selling this paper clip-looking bouncing chair for kids up to 18lbs. It comes in--surprise--pink or blue. It's very goodlooking, if a little more design-y than the solid navy blue Bjorn Babysitter. It's not adjustable. Brooklyn-based French designer Sophie...
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Whoa. Japanese Recliner Bed/Chair

At first glance, it looks like a newborn bassinet, but it's designed for kids "up to age 4 (18kg)." It's the Hi-Low Bed & Chair with thermo-sensitive memory foam and a "bio-medical swing" by Aprica. I probably should write about...
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June 29, 2004

The Classic-est Crib

Looking for a crib we could stand was a hassle. It's such a big purchase, you don't want to screw it up, yet almost every crib out there is over-designed, over-done, or overwhelming, like some giant Price Is Right showcase....
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June 22, 2004

Ikea, therefore I am.

Happiness is not reaching your goal. Happiness is being on the way. It is our wonderful fate to be just at the beginning ... The word impossible has been and must remain deleted from our dictionary. -- From The Testament...
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June 17, 2004

Molded, Modern, Modular Bed for Kids

LA-based designer Pazit Kagel introduced a line of cleanly designed modular furniture for toddlers and children at this year's International Contemporary Furniture Fair. The ply and laminate units can be used for storage and as a platform bed that grows...
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2-Seat Share Chair

The Share Chair is a 2-seat see-saw-like rocking chair by the Dutch furniture and design firm Interior Tools. It's similar to traditional Chinese designs, where such face-to-face seats were common on strollers and wagons. Some came with tables like little...
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June 16, 2004

Atelier Van Lieshout's 'Bad Furniture' Crib

Joop Van Lieshout is a controversial Dutch artist whose work explores the zone between 'art' and 'practical' objects. His Atelier Van Lieshout in Rotterdam makes functional object/sculptures and installations. The Atelier describes its new 'Bad Furniture Series' like this: "Paradoxical...
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June 5, 2004

Nest 2: High Chair Boogaloo

For a (currently) child-free guy Josh Rubin has cultivated some very good sources for cool high chairs. (Sorry, fellas--and ladies--he's taken.) As promised, Josh posted details on Nest 2, the upgraded version of Sally Dominguez's modern-friendly high chair. New features:...
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May 31, 2004

Canadian Changing Table Superstore

The URL sounds like it's the guy's 10th choice, and the website looks like it was designed in 1996, but the Canadian site is a changing table heaven. HF4K consults the travel industry on making destinations more kid-friendly, and...
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Birch-ply Utility Cart/Changing Cart

Instead of a traditional changing table, we got a heavy-duty enameled tool cart from an industrial supply dealer. We love it, but admittedly, not everyone has the power to persuade their Pregnant Person to trick out the nursery like an...
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