September 6, 2004

Fetopia, home of Cletus the Fetus

cletus_fetopia.jpgI can't believe I haven't posted this before. Fetopia is not only the home of the original Cletus the Fetus, but of a small, small world of feti, all handmade from sculpey clay and ready for...well, I bought about twenty of them last year for no reason, and I still can't figure out what to do with them. They come with holes, so you can thread them like beads, or without; and now they're available in a beautiful mosiac of skin tones.

I DO know that they were unwelcome lying around the coffee table while my wife was pregnant. For some reason, she did not think a little bug-eyed clay fetus in a sombrero was a helpful visual. But they're so cuuuuuute. And now several of the ones I bought last year have been retired, so I'm sure they'll be a great investment.

Buy fistfuls of feti, including the feti of the world at
Buy feto-embedded soap at
feti feti feti

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