September 7, 2004

Weeblock Baby Cup

weeblock.jpg"Haven't you ever heard of just holding up the diaper??" That bit of advice comes from weatherman/curmudgeon/author/dad Al Roker, who, we learn on this Today Show segment, "is too big for these." "These" are Weeblocks, soft jersey cotton-covered foam cups--as in jock strap, not tea party--that apparently succeed where the Canadian Pee-Pee Teepee fails.

Like many other products at Sozo, a parent company which specializes in playfully modern nursery sets, Weeblocks are embroidered with colorful stitching (Jock, Lil Kahuna, Squirt, Whizz Kid). Matching bibs are available (wha, to complete the look??). And their website has a helpful animated flash demo, which, alas, came too late to save little baby Sozo's dignity (I presume that's their kid modelling the Weeblock on Totshop.)

Like father, like son, though, I say. Sozo dad was the mascot in college, and is obviously comfortable with the idea of wearing elaborately decorated, sculpted foam on his head. So while it's not for Al Roker types, Weeblock is the perfect gift for former mascots. And Disney cast members. And plushies. [thanks, Kara.]

Weeblocks, animation, crib bumpers, and Matt Lauer are all at Sozo's site.
Buy Weeblocks for $10 or the giftset for $30 at
Buy Don't Make Me Stop This Car: Adventures in Fatherhood, by Al Roker, at Amazon.

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