April 2, 2004

More Improvised Lullaby Lyrics

I found that, at 3AM, my memory for lyrics is about as useless as my ability to rhyme up some improvised replacements.

Fortunately, over at Defective Yeti, Matthew has better luck; or not, if you ask his kid. DY's mid-night lullaby repertoire is a motley crew of 80's wonders, aka "The Worst Mix Tape Ever." Use at your own risk.


I saw your comment over at defective yeti, and so came to see your site.

I have very bad news for you: "Little Music Box Dancer" DOES have lyrics. I can't find the complete version anywhere, but I remember having heard it a couple of times... "My little music box dancer that no-one can see" is part of the chorus.

Incomplete lyrics here, but don't go there unless you want it even more stuck under your fingernails than it already is.

Peter Paul and Mommy (there are 2; the first one is better) have good songs to sing and play to kids without feeling like the inside of your blackboard brain is being scraped. Also Paul Simon has good daddy songs. Try if you haven't already.

This site is a good idea.... good luck with it!

thanks, even for the lyrics. I html'ed up the link and added a Peter Paul & Mommy link, too. I don't know enough about Paul Simon to suggest a CD, though.

I DO know he had hair transplants or something...

you may find the lyrics from little music box dancer at:http://geocities.yahoo.com.br/connifflyrics

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