April 13, 2004

UrbanBabyWatch: Bugaboos, v1

Look for a more extensive post someday on the bitchy class warfare that boils over whenever someone mentions the $700 Bugaboo Frog stroller on Urban Baby's message boards. It'll help you become a more enlightened Bugaboo owner (if you so choose), and it's damn entertaining in that "I wonder what goes on in the powder room?" kind of way.

Today's UBW it's just one word, coined in the heat of battle, to describe an owner of said Dutch stroller: a Bugabooger.

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I wonder if the bitching about the nice stroller is more of a jealousy thing more than anything else.

The people who complain about it always seem to have a VERY different perspective on things... as in Brooklyn vs Manhattan sort of way.

It's a great stroller regardless...

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