May 17, 2004

Coldplay's Daddy Video: The Nappies

Millerworld presents The Nappies, image: coldplay.comWhen they have a baby, some musicians get their friends together and make silly T-shirts. Others get their friends together, put on silly wigs, and make silly videos. Coldplay, it turns out, falls into the latter category.

To celebrate the birth Friday of Chris Martin's daughter, the band released an homage to daddyness from "that great new band, 'The Nappies'" on their website.

It's only available for a week, so until it turns up on Kazaa, this is your only chance. As the sample lyrics show, The Nappies capture the essence of both pregnancy and modern fatherhood to a T:

There's shit goin' on that you can't disguise;
Your boobs growin' out ten times the size.
Your cup's gone up from an A to D,
That's bad for you, but fun for me...

I'll be there with you, baby,
Through the thin and the thick.
I'm gonna clean up all the poo and the sick...

I ain't no baddy, I'm your baby's daddy.

Guess that means the album won't be finished for a few more months, at least.

There's no mention on the site of the mother's identity, so we just have to assume she's some groupie from Manchester. Whoever she is, welcome, Apple Blythe Alison Martin, and congratulations to your par--- waitaminnit, Apple???

Watch The Nappies in Real Media or go to for more formats.


My comment is that you say in the video it doens't mention who the mother of Apple is. Whoever wrote this paragraph about there video should know the moth and now wife of Chris Martin is Gwenyth Paltrow. They got married around christmas of 2003 after the found out Gwenyth was pregnant. I would appreciate it if you mentioned this is you paragraph.

Thank you.

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She was being sarcastic....

It was very cool! I like this!
The coldplay is the greatest band in the world!
This video is rules!

this is the most ridiculous thing i've seen from a band. it's like they're 6th graders and the lyrics are terrible. g-d he really is a geek just like he's said. if they're having THIS much fun on this video, one can only imagine the great excitement and fun this guy has with his wife at home.

Hey, this video rulzz! It's so funny, so cool! I love it! I wish Coldplay's videos were all like this one :) !!!

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