July 18, 2004

Dia Beacon, 3 Beekman St, Beacon - YES

Located in Beacon, aka NYC-up-Hudson, Dia's roots, at least, are in the city.

DT reader (and very new dad) Craig knows you gotta start'em young on the minimalism these days:

"Not only does the men's room off of the lobby have a changing table, but the place was crawling with other humans in larval form (though ours was, it seemed, the least mature)."

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Dia at Beacon is a wonderful museum because it is spacious and peaceful, even with scampering children, nattering elders, spacey neo hippies and true art lovers co-mingling amidst the scraps of string, piles of plaster, mountains of steel, and other scraps and other junk yard remnants carefully placed as art. The discussion and debate about the meaning of this and that among family members makes for a wonderful outing and may actually be an artistic experience.

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