July 30, 2004

MoMA QNS, 33rd St & Queens Blvd - Yes

Go for the just-opened Tall Buildings and Lee Bontecou exhibits, stay for the changing table in the men's room, located on the left after you enter, in front of the coat/bag check.

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The men's bathroom changing table report is a public service no less valuable than Ed Koch encouraging us all to be nice to Republicans. (Nicer than electing them Governor and Mayor, Ed?) Anyway, here's one you can add: PS1: No, No, and No. The bathrooms are odd enough; narrow unisex rooms with closet-stalls and trough-sinks. Art lovers not being any more sanitary than the seven-year-olds who used to patrol the halls there, the bathroom floors are filthy, but they're the only show in town for changing, be you a mom or a dad.

(PS: Great site; please accept my invitation to stop by and visit www.freelancedad.com sometime.)

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