August 25, 2004

Like A Bike, extreme retro bike from Germany

likeabike.JPGWhile Italians are poppin' out futuristic stroller/trikes instead of babies, designers in Europe's other rapidly aging country, Germany, are waxing mod-nostalgic.

One result: LikeABike, a sleek, pared down reinterpretation of one of the earliest bicycles, the 1817 Draisienne (named after it's lazy-pants inventor, Baron von Drais, who, up to now, was remembered only by some German designer/parent who lives in the forest. And that Mormon dude on Jeopardy).

LikeABike is made of wood, with tough, inflatable rubber tires and an adjustable cotton-covered seat and weighs 8 lbs. The German site has animated gifs of little kids careening around on them, giddy as can be.

LikeABike USA, meanwhile, is more restrained. The distributors are some enterprising Brooklyn parents, whose son kept getting stopped by Park Slope toy store owners and quizzed about his German souvenir. ["Foo iss Baron von Drais?"]

Buy a LikeABike for $279 (hey, less is more) from LikeABike USA. [thanks, Doug!]


There's a cheaper german made wooden bike distributed in the US by some other enterprising Brooklyn parents: it's the Pedo Bike for $229 (

These bikes are great, they are also now available in New Zealand from Our son has been riding one for several weeks now and we are amazed at the devolpment of his balance and co-ordination skills

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