August 30, 2004

Elizabeth Mitchell's CDs for kids

You Are My Flower is a CD of childrens' music Elizabeth Mitchell and Daniel Littleton whipped up while on tour for their rock band, Ida. [You know how cuh-razy musicians get when they're on the road.] It was intended as a gift for their baby-having friends, but it quickly spun out of control. "But then I started to get phone calls," Elizabeth writes, "'Athena had a playdate with Soren, and Soren's mom heard the record and needs 5 copies.'"

And so the CD went, from hipster parent to hipster parent, until Mitchell finally, formally offered it for sale. Now wiser, and sporting a kid of their own, they've put out a second CD, You Are My Flower, which gives them approximately 100% 80% of the Children's Music That Doesn't Drive You Insane market. [Thanks, Matthew]

[update: market share numbers now reflect the music recs made in the comments. Although the metafilter thread has a lot of hippie hoo-ha in it, too...]


we also enjoy Dan Zanes' music

Even after 4 hours in the car, it doesn't drive you nuts. :)

I posted a thread about good children's music on Ask Metafilter.

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