September 6, 2004

Lullaby Cover Songs from Punk Rock Baby

punkrockbaby.jpgI know it's great, and the kids love it and all, but I'm just not into all the folk-y music. And while I support hemp in theory, I'm not ready to limit my kid to Paul Simon's CD series of Lullabies From Any Culture But Your Own. So I've been wondering, why there aren't lullaby versions of rock, grunge, hip hop, Bjork, hell, even Grandmaster Flash, anything besides folk music.

Be careful what you wish for. Because Punk Rock Baby might have it. It's a lullaby cover version nirvana--or hell, depending on your tolerance for glockenspiels. Smells Like Teen Spirit's on Rock Baby; Don't You Want Me? and Frankie Goes To Hollywood's Relax are on 80's Baby. Bjork is on Dance Baby; and yes, White Lines is on Hip-Hop Baby.

Clearly, some tracks survive the transition to the nursery better than others. As far as I can tell, they're all lyrics-free, just ready for you to sing along. So if you're confident that your organ-backed karaoke rendition of Gangsta's Paradise will help shape your kid's musical taste in a positive way, stop wasting precious time.

Get over to Punk Rock Baby and order up your CD's now. They're 8.99 each, plus shipping.
Punk Rock Baby CD is also available as an import from Amazon for $18.49


No way are these lullabies! Lullabies haved lyrics. These are just awful, gimmicky instrumental covers of classic punk/new wave songs. Personally, I found that when my son was an infant, loud 80s dance music (especially New Order) got him napping in no time. I'll stick with the real stuff over this shlock any time. And while neo-folk does seem to dominate the "family music" market, don't forget awesome acts like Justin Roberts, who rocks, or even Dan Zanes, whose "Father Goose" shows he can move beyond folk to rap and reggae.

I have no need for this trash. I have not exposed my kid to this type of music. I instead share with him my musical preferences and then from his reaction play the ones he prefers.

For instance, the new Bebel Gilberto cd is working really well. So is Belle and Sebastian, Camera Obscura and Birdie. He tends to go for women singers...just like his Dad.

I grew up in the Philadelphia area where my parents always had WMGK playing. Carole King, Billy Joel, James Taylor, Supertramp et al. I didn't need the baby songs and neither do you.

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