September 6, 2004

UrbanBabyWatch: Fetal Nicknames

An incomplete list of nicknames given to the little fetus by expecting moms and dads, culled from the UrbanBaby message boards:

Cookie Pie Face
Rice ("b/c the lady who did my ultrasound said, 'like a piece of rice'")
Tic Tac ("b/c when I had my first US that's what it looked like - a tic tac w/a heartbeat")
Bean ("In the first few weeks, I'd talk to my belly 'grow, bean, grow'")
The Bunny
Wiggle Worm

Buddy ("but he also calls the cat 'Buddy'")
The Little Nipper ("we've subconsciously shortened it to 'Nip'")
Peaches ("He used to call me that, but has transferred it to the baby...At least it's not 'Apple.'")
The Baby {"he's too superstitious to call it anything else")
The Alien
Hong Kong Phooey


my friend called her 'a toad'

My brother's fetal nickname for his daughter cracked us up, he called her "Cletus the fetus". Too much of the Simpsons!!

We called ours:
"Cletus the Fetus"
We also know a
who is currently still cooking.

We called ours Pat because we didn't know what sex it was.

About two months into it, Amy started craving Chili Mac from Steak N Shake - We started joking that he was yelling out for the stuff... which eventually evolved into just calling him Chili Mac.
Only problem... it stuck. He's now known as "Chile" almost exclusively. (alternatives being: mackers, chili willy, chil-dog, chiliferous, mac-attack and chili-bob)
Oh - his middle name: Chile (like the country not the food)

"The Nugget" was his name.

I called mine "porcupine"; it was a derivative from "porky": sort of a college-days nickname my hubby had for everyone.

My son's fetal nickname was Boo Bun, as in a bun in Boo's oven.

Ours is "The Package"... as in "The Package" will be delivered in late October. Nicely gender-neutral (we don't know) and has since been shortened to just Package or Pack.

I started calling our's "Mommy's Bump" of course shortened to just "Bump". My very English mother-in-law once asked if we had decided on a name for the baby, (a girl) so I told her jokingly "Bumpalina" and she has taken that and run with it!

Until we knew we were having a girl, we called the kid "Biscuit"

We call ours 'the little alien'. Especially after the scans.


We first called ours Rasberry...After seeing the ultrasound we now call it "Big Toe" because it looked like a big toe with a heartbeat -- cutest "Big Toe" I have ever seen!

Gummi, cause it looked like one of those treats they make from horses.

For our first (it turned out) daughter, we settled on Jejune, mostly because I couldn't remember what it meant (it turned out to mean "empty" or "hungry", which seems appropriate enough). Our latest, Eve, was "Footies", because my wife had a hormonal moment over the idea of jammies with footies in them.

(At almost 7 mos., Eve is still occasionally "Footies", and also several evolved variations like Fitsty, Fitz and Fitstella.)

My sister calls her pregnant belly - peapod!

Slurms is the name we use - ultrasound pix looked like Slurms MacKenzie of Futurama fame. Nothing like naming your fetus after a party slug!

We called our baby bellamy until she was born. Bellamy actually means dear friend which we thought was cute. I just found out I am pregnant again so now we are looking for a new pre-birth name.

Skeletor is the best name


We did IUI, so we had an early ultrasound... at 6 weeks. I started calling the fetus, "Speck"

Others we considered were, "Shrimp" and "Mini-me"

hope these help someone

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